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Google algorithm update at the beginning of 2016

Last only a few days a new year, SEOer world suffered a huge uncertainty about the rankings on the SERPs. This instability has been a lot of data measurement tools in the world recorded.

Mozcast indices (index measuring volatility Google algorithm based on the ranking of the website on the SERP) unusual fluctuations:

The same thing happened with the indicators of SERP Metrics:

The constant assumption is in place, including the Google Penguin algorithm update. However, based on these changes, experts have said it is difficult to be a Penguin update, and apparently it's the same with updates Panda search algorithm or root (core algorithm).

A lot of questions have been sent to the Google engineers, however, no specific confirmation of this algorithm update of Google, except to confirm that this is a new update of Google in original algorithm and it is not the Penguin update.

Not exclude the possibility that Google has taken some anti-spam criteria into the core algorithm, advanced spam measure in the original algorithm. Even some people also said that Google is offering panda can become original algorithm.

It sure is hard to occur at the present time, however, constantly updating the original algorithm is also determined to show Google's Panda and Penguin wanted to become a real-time algorithm and the original algorithm .


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