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Ensure Google users find websites you right in the first results page!

Typically, Internet users need to purchase a product or a certain service, they will at Google to search the product supplier or service they need. The searcher can enter product names or services (called keywords) ...

After Google returns a list of sites relevant to their keywords, they can click on these sites to the information. Usually they click on the website in order from 1 to 10. ... Therefore, if you have websites rank higher possibility of people looking for information click on the website of the customer as much ... as Thus, you can promote your site, increase site traffic (increase alexa rank) using this method


In Vietnam, the new website is built day by day but very few website owners interested in Website Promotion (SEO) on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... for people to easily find see their website. When websites rank you high on search engines, websites you will quietly bring you your new customers quickly and efficiently.
The terms Publicity Website - Increase Google PageRank:

What are search engines?
- This is roughly translated from the phrase "search engine". When it comes to the search engines, I often think of the well-known services such as Google Search, Yahoo! Search or Bing Search, etc ...

Keywords are what?
- Keywords are words used to describe the product, business or service website. When you want to find any information there, and you sit in front of the Google search window, you will do? Surely you will enter the words mean the content that you want to find. The significance of the content that you want to find, such as keywords!
What are the Top 10?
- As to only list sites located from 1 to 10 on page first result returned by the search engine.

Website Promotion Service - Google's PageRank Increase SEO Vietnam:

Website promotion campaign is divided into two stages:

Phase 1: Perform the work put into the Top sites Google, Yahoo, Bing.
Phase 2: Implementation of maintaining the ranking results achieved at the request of the customer.

Vietnam SEO will advise to you to get the most effective keywords. We commit to refund 100% of the cost if we do not implement the agreements in the contract signed.
Website Promotion Costs depend on many factors:

The number and competitiveness of the keywords that you requested.
The requirement of the customer on site ranked on the list of results returned by search engines, including the Top 1, Top 3, Top 5, Top 10.
Requirements of the website you want to advertise on search engines, including: Google, Yahoo, Bing. You can choose one or all of the machines.
The contents and layout of the website customers.
Industries or products you are trading.
The competition website.

Publicity Activities Website - Increase Google PageRank:

Identify the keywords matching sites, business areas of our customers.
Quality inspection website, edit HTML tags for website search engine friendly than.
Programming robots files.
Programming the .xml files.
Register website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ...
Register website to website directories.
Exchanging links with other websites.

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