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Tips 'jerk title' classic for SEO

Snatching the title as one of the "term SEO" is not too strange for you to do SEO. But does not the shock title also brings higher efficiency when used. The purpose of using the article title to help the reader or your customers excited and compelled to click on your article view. The title is the same as the content inside messages, regardless of 2 factors: BOT and users.

Formula 3 title most effective shock

First, let's see those notes when writing the title serves BOT:

In the title containing the keywords
Place important keywords title tags appear first
The length of the title does not exceed 65 characters
If possible take a brand name in the title
Note to users, customers

The formula jerk title
1. C1: Key1 + key2 key + 3 + Brand
2. C2: Brand + Key1 + key2 + key 3
3. C3: Key1 + key2 + key 3
For example, in the article: Learning SEO - SEO study curriculum website with SEO

This title was used by 1, but is written quite natural and not keyword stuffing. It is also a tendency to write SEO current title, and also note 5 above: "Please pay attention to the user, the customer." Next, note that when writing the title serves users:

Title write simple, easy to understand
Title write naturally, not cramming too many keywords on title
It takes only Title 1 standard and is the main content of the article
Title stimulate, strike a chord of customers

Put yourself customers, when they find that keyword information they want to get what? Please optimized title in that direction and how to use the following headline to increase the attractiveness, attraction for your title.
24 classic method of shock title

1. Putting figure on title

Putting numbers on the title will make users excited, easy to create curiosity.
For example:
"Headline 24 classic art when writing SEO".
2. Use the side events

Create events around the topic being addressed.
3. Age restrictions

Decentralization of age will help us towards the object more precisely.
For example: "article is not intended for children under 16 years old".
4. The term and new words

Concepts, terminology, new definitions are always attracted the attention of many people.
For example: "What is Club SEO Pro?"
5. Use the detecting

Create unexpected things they may not find a solution,
Example: "The finding security vulnerabilities while accessing contacts Iphone".
6. Aim at specific objectives

Your title should be directed to a specific target. Thus users will understand the contents toward the object you want to be?
Example: "Software management dedicated SEO SEO Club Pro"
7. Celebrity

Based on celebrities to attract readers.
Example: "She has been enrolled SEO".

8. Add adjective and adverb

Use of words such as "easy", "fast", "100% success" to highlight the title you want to talk about.
For example: "How to hack money viettel 100% success"
9. exaggerated problems

Raising the value of certain up making the reader feel curious to see.
For example, "do not know the best SEO sales"
10. Ask questions

Titles include questions like: "Where, why, what" will make people have discussions, issues that help you make the most efficient way.
For example: "Where cheap SEO service providers on the planet?"
11. Promotion

The promotions always attract the attention of users.
Example: "Register today to learn seo received 100 million bonus."
12. Secret Messages

Hint to reveal the information is going to be happening.
For example: "Lee Nam reveals his true gender."
13. The story itself experience

Sharing the experience of his own to the reader knows, this is always something a lot of people interested, to draw lessons from it.
Example: "Sharing experience writing SEO 1 day 30 post".
14. goat Treo, selling dog meat

Create content tin hot but not mentioning his title launched. This will attract users to click on the article but worth giving the user will not have, so be careful when using.

15. Take measures to support the crowds

This way will make more people interested in what they're talking about looking for support.
For example: "For too 1 SEO management software for SEO Pro Club."
16. Time and money

Is there a specific time or a certain amount will cause users to easily click on your article.
Example: "SEOer 1 month for 20 million."
17. Reporting, statistics, trusted source

This will make the user feel more confident.
For example, "Google's report on the number of users Youtube in Vietnam."
Draw 18. Overview

Conclusions about a problem that many people are interested:
Example: "The whole plot of the Chinese in the 981 rigs"
19. Comparison

Use words comparison makes the user click on the article to read.
Example: "Higher Wages shoeshine both directors".
20. Eat the hot event

Create the information related to a particular event log are a lot of people interested.
For example: "Where SEOer not just form." "Planning on 1 page SEO - It's unbelievable."
21. Create motion lifetime

Create landmark event taking place during which the user is watching.
Example: "Direct movements of the 2014 World Cup finals."
22. Create a sudden, associate

Create something that makes the reader think of the place information that someone is talking about.
Example: "The truth behind China illegally drilling platform".
23. Controversial, inhibiting the crowd

Use this way will create more buzz around the issue you're talking about.
Example: "The Japanese: Vietnam full trash stealing stuff."
24. Use of terms urged

Using anonymous words urging users about a problem that the user is disturbed.
For example: "See it now before it's deleted: Video Ngoc Trinh started ... .goi Highway". Above is the method of shock 24 classic title that you can apply to articles to help readers could not look away and ignore your article

Above is the method of shock title highly effective when used. You can use this unique way of doing SEO to apply in writing articles offline!


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