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Standard SEO website design service, Viet SEO is a professional, reputable, and cheap web design & business web design company. Viet SEO with over 12 years of experience in web design & programming, Viet SEO's designer and coder team is ready to advise you to build a professional website.

In addition, Viet SEO is also one of the few units in Vietnam that both design websites and provide marketing consultancy to help you get it right from the start, serving your online business goals on the website platform.

Benefits of using professional website design

When you use a professional web design service, you will receive different values, without worrying about future problems in the process of using and operating the website.

1. Effective sales

Viet SEO specializes in website design to serve business and sales needs effectively. All websites of Viet SEO designed are calculated and advise you to easily deploy Online Marketing strategies later.

Viet SEO website design company not only creates professional websites but also optimizes conversions. Each content in the website is optimized according to Marketing standards, supporting advertising and sales.

2. First impressions

Customers will be really impressed when accessing your website for the first time with modern, professional design, polished content and images. Making a first impression is crucial to an effective website.

Viet SEO has experience in designing websites according to the brand identity set including the logo, the color tone will be in harmony with the logo color, product and feng shui of your business. You can order exclusive, bespoke designs.

3. Brand trust

When you own a professional website, customers will trust your brand more on the internet. Brand trust is the factor that helps customers decide to buy your product or service.

A great brand always comes with a matching website. Generation of customers will innovate over the years, so build a professional website to always reach new customers.

Value added when using Vietnamese SEO website design service

Viet SEO website design for you to serve professional online business goals, increase conversion rate and brand. Maximum cost savings for long-term customers.

1. Fully functional

In order for your website to communicate with your customers on the Internet, your website must be fully functional. Thereby creating convenience for customers to make purchases or purchase services directly on the website.

When you design a website in Vietnam, SEO not only functions from basic to professional. Viet SEO will code separate functions to serve your needs. Functions are designed according to requirements.

2. Effective advertising

Website not only represents business brand on the internet, Website is used for sales. Therefore, the sales website must be well designed and optimized with popular advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Viet SEO has over 12 years of experience in the field of online advertising and website optimization for high conversion rates. All of Viet SEO's websites are currently running ads for effective conversion rates and orders.

3. SEO is easy to TOP

Website is designed according to SEO standards (Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization). Putting your website on the TOP of search engines like Google will reduce advertising costs and reach the right target customers.

Website SEO standard will help you optimize Onapge easily, this is the first and most important factor for SEO website. Viet SEO's SEO team will check for you carefully each html tag, user experience.

4. Professional Support

When you use website design services at Viet SEO, you do not need to have a full-time technical team at the company. Viet SEO will support you throughout the process of operating the website according to the signed contract. Website always uptime 99.9%

Any technical issues are resolved quickly. Ensure you peace of mind to operate the business system combined with the Website. Viet SEO website design company always gives you the most professional support.

5. Cost savings

Website is a one-time investment only, so finding a reputable website design company is the most important thing. The cost to build a website is not only the initial cost, but also the cost of operation, maintenance, maintenance and upgrade.

A well-built website, SEO standards, beautiful design along with a professional team to support during operation are factors to save costs in the long run. Viet SEO is one of the prestigious units in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi.

6. Save time

Viet SEO website design company will give you the highest quality of service, not only the goal of creating quality products, saving costs throughout the operation process, serving the business goals of the business.

Our highest goal is to optimize all resources to save time for businesses, so that businesses can take advantage of time to develop their products and services to market quickly, efficiently and economically.

Website Design Package

High-end website design on demand

Premium website design service on demand for businesses with unique unique website ownership needs, including layout design, brand identity design and separate functions.

1. Exclusive Interface

High-end website design on demand, you will own an exclusive interface. Synchronize with logo, brand identity with website. Viet SEO's fontend coder technical team will code according to the proposed design.

Functions will be made as required, serving the right business goals of your company & enterprise. Website interface (layout) displays well on all computer devices, phones, tablets and current web browsers.

2. Speed Optimization

Your website is technically optimized. Optimizing HTML, CSS and JS code to achieve the highest speed to bring user experience when accessing the website. Businesses do not lose customers because of slow websites.

Your website is optimized for images, optimized source code, optimized SQL database and the latest technology of Viet SEO to speed up the website quickly. In addition, Viet SEO also optimizes SEO standards to help the website easily to the top of Google.

3. Technical Support

All technical issues will be taken care of by the Viet SEO team, you will save on website operating costs. Ensure website access 24/7. When any problem occurs, Viet SEO will handle it as quickly as possible for you, ensuring the website is not interrupted.

During the operation, if you want to code more functions for your business strategy, or deploy your online marketing campaign, we will support the code to add the fastest update function for your website.

Choosing the right website

Advice on Choosing the Right Website

To choose the right website for the cost. Before you look for a website design service, you must define your goals correctly to save costs.

1. The goal is achieved when the website is completed

You must define a clear goal to save costs when hiring a website design unit. The first goal is to determine the type of website, there are 2 main types of websites: Websites that provide news, introduce companies and Websites with integrated online sales and payment functions.

The next step is to define your interface and brand identity goals. Do you need to have a professional design that synchronizes the logo, brand with the design on the website? If so, it will increase design costs.

You must be sure to answer the two questions above to make a website suitable for your niche.

2. Website features for business purposes

Common features of both types of websites must have: Standard code, security, communication system on the website such as email, call, Zalo, Messenger, system to receive information from customers.

Functions of e-commerce website, online sales: Order, cart, pay online, complete orders & connect with shipping units.

Exclusive VIP features will be discussed in detail when the two sides plan the project. Viet SEO will code functions with your business system such as sharing API, connecting with applications (App), multi-branch business system, intelligent online sales management.

3. Choose a reputable website design company

When choosing a website design company, you will be assured of operation, always have a technical team to support you. A reputable website design company not only helps you have a good, standard, methodical website from the beginning, optimizing operating costs. You will get support with any technical problems or feature enhancements.

Viet SEO Company has a professional team with many years of experience in the field of website design, is one of the reputable units in Vietnam with many large and small projects over the years. Viet SEO will work with you to have beautiful, full-featured designs, your website will be a powerful tool to support you in your online business.
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Frequently asked questions about website design.

Why web design?

The era of the global development of the internet, along with the advent of smartphones, makes it easier for us to connect with each other. Website is one of the effective support tools for businesses to connect with customers. Customers can access the business website 24/24 to buy and order online, not only that, but the cost of website operation is the lowest compared to the effectiveness of the website.

What to prepare when designing a web?

Before looking for a website design service, you need to write down the goals after owning a website, how the website will help your business. What functions do you need to have, do you have a brand identity or not. Does your website require running ads, doing SEO, online marketing strategies? Or just a website to introduce the company.

How much does website design cost?

The cost of website design depends on many factors, the following are the factors that affect the price of a website: Graphic design costs, creative costs, code costs, operating costs. If you want to save money, reduce 1 of the 4 factors above.

The better the original design, the cheaper the running costs. If you have a simple business, you can choose the PRO or Business package in Viet SEO to optimize costs, the VIP package is for businesses that want to use independent resources.

Is website design subject to VAT?

According to Circular 219/2013/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance. Website design services as well as software services, which are favored by the State, are not subject to tax.

However, for the website to work, you need to have code, hosting, and domain name. Code service is NOT VAT but hosting service (hosting), domain name is subject to VAT. Hosting service, domain name 10% VAT rate. Thus, the website design service has no VAT fee, only VAT with hosting and domain name.

Should I register my website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade?

According to Circular 20/VBHN-BTC on website management operating in the field of e-commerce. Individuals, traders and businesses setting up e-commerce websites need to register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The notification and registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade is relatively easy and free, you just need to submit an online application, it will take about 3-5 working days to receive the confirmation.

Website application for business marketing?

Website plays an important role in implementing Digital Marketing campaign. You can use the Website to run Google ads, Facebook ads or do SEO website. Nowadays many businesses are more and more dependent on online business. Website helps you reach a wider market, without borders. Moreover, operating costs are lower than renting premises.
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