What SEO services help businesses?

SEO services help businesses achieve many benefits, including: All create strong growth momentum. This is the true meaning of digital transformation (not just building a website for an online business)

What is Viet SEO's SEO perspective?

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is a search engine optimization method, helping websites reach a huge number of natural search customers on (Google, Bing, Coc Coc ...)

In Viet SEO, SEO does not follow Google or any other search engine. SEO aims to satisfy the search needs of target customers, creating the best conditions to help search engines understand what content businesses provide, what value and to whom audience.

Combine Branding and SEO techniques to achieve high efficiency (Branded SEO)

What's different about Branded SEO?

1. Brand first, SEO later

Branded SEO focuses on branding first, SEO later to promote natural branded search behavior, which is beneficial for SEO activities.

Building a website is at the heart of the brand's digital business model, from which it is easy to gain positive signals.

SEO is the ultimate activity that follows. When branding is good, SEO focus can shift to Onpage which is more sustainable than other techniques.

2. The keyword set covers the whole industry

Branded SEO does not start with specific keywords, but starts with the search behavior of the target customer.

Build content that meets the search behavior, solving the root search needs of customers.

In addition, the increase in overall strength, effective brand strength leads to a series of other related keywords to the TOP.

3. High success rate > 95%

Building a strong brand through the website, technical SEO is the way to success.

Branded SEO has a higher success rate than other SEO techniques, is safer, more sustainable. However, it also comes with a higher implementation cost.

With extensive experience in the field, Viet SEO knows how to best implement it. Commit to a successful project.

4. 30% less time to get SEO results

Branded SEO is the SEO path that meets the goals of the business. With a methodical process, experience in implementing Viet SEO helps businesses reduce project time due to:

To push enough human and material resources ready to meet the project scale.

Operate an effective SEO project.

Right implementation, focus. Don't waste time correcting mistakes.

5. Aim for meaningful conversions

The essence of Branded SEO is branding combined with technical SEO. The process of implementing projects and strategies are all geared towards optimizing meaningful conversions for businesses.

Deliver content and real value that satisfy your target audience – this is also Google's goal.

Therefore, keywords reaching TOP are part of the results of course.

6. Achieve sustainable rankings on search engines

Branded SEO builds the overall power of the website, positively affecting the brand in reality.

In addition, Branded SEO is customer-centric, building close relationships with customers, making customers trust the brand, and helping customers achieve their personal goals.

Therefore, the results Branded SEO brings is sustainable (if not considering the constant competition of competitors).

Branded SEO - Sustainable growth engine on digital platforms

With the Branded SEO solution, Viet SEO not only helps your website reach many natural customers but also helps build a solid digital brand foundation.

SEO Viet Nam

6 Indicators impacting the cost of SEO Website

1. Competitors

The number and strength of competitors is an important factor affecting the workload and depth of SEO.

The SEO plan not only calculates the current strength but also takes into account the competitor's SEO growth rate to build an appropriate plan and strategy.

2. Content difficulty

Each industry has different content characteristics – to meet the EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness algorithms, SEO needs to develop responsive content.

Content with high difficulty is proportional to cost and execution time.

3. Quantity & Quality of Links

Links referring websites from other systems (backlinks) are an important element of the Off-page section.

The quantity and quality of backlinks is a powerful SEO booster.

How many backlinks need to be built, and the quality depends on how the competitor has (and will grow).

4. Search Traffic and Keyword Difficulty

Keywords with high search volume often come with high competition because every competitor wants to target even a group of competitors that do not offer similar products/services.

Product / service keywords although search traffic is usually not high. But the difficulty is not low.

This directly impacts all SEO activities.

5. State of SEO

Websites that do SEO right from the start have the advantage of a stronger SEO implementation.

In contrast, a website that has improperly implemented SEO in the past leads to many consequences that need to be handled, even needing to be handled to escape previous penalties (resulting in greater project complexity).

Newly created websites also need the right time to develop naturally, increasing the core index.

6. Number of keywords & keyword groups

Depending on the business field and the actual customer journey, give the appropriate keyword group and number of keywords.

With highly competitive industries, the topic of content development also needs to be broader.

The process of SEO services in Viet SEO

At Viet SEO, we apply a strict and scientific SEO project management and implementation process to ensure the success of the project.


Viet SEO thoroughly learns about the business, products and target customers the business wants to target.

Understand products to compile content, deploy appropriate strategies. Understand the business to build a brand, increase sales, successfully retain customers.


Customer research: Understand the portrait, experience journey to find solutions to conquer target customers.

Competitor research: Research your competitors to understand how they're doing, quantifying the work you need to outshine the competition.


Research the search behavior, needs, wants as well as search motivations of customers. Filter the appropriate set of keywords: Brand keywords, product/service keywords, location keywords, add-on keywords, knowledge keywords...


Develop a content development plan. This is the top and most important element in every SEO project. The right content plan not only shortens the time to rank results, but also increases conversion efficiency.


Detailed SEO planning for the entire project, details of work items, personnel, resources... A detailed SEO plan not only helps Viet SEO's team implement a highly effective SEO project but also helps businesses The industry understands the entire project, from which to interact and coordinate smoothly.


Website optimization includes:


Develop content according to the plan. Update according to the posting schedule on the website. Collaborate with businesses to develop content that meets SEO, sales, and branding.


Conduct content promotion on the internet, generating signals to support content growth.

Viet SEO uses social networks, press PR, related websites, toplists, quality satellite websites to ensure sustainable growth and meet progress.


At this step, the website is entering the growth phase - Viet SEO collects and analyzes customer behavior data to optimize the indicators.

Data-driven optimization meets 2 goals: Keyword Growth and Conversion Rate Increase.


Doing the job of maintaining rankings, traffic has been achieved according to the project commitment. Ensure a sustainable position against the competition of competitors.

Deploy work to meet the needs of other website expansion and growth (according to agreement after the project)

Frequently asked questions

1. What is SEO service?

SEO service is a service to optimize search results on search engines through overall website quality control, satisfying the search needs of target customers.

2. What is Branded SEO?

Branded SEO is a solution that applies branding combined with SEO to create a strong and sustainable conversion effect.

The essence of Branded SEO is to build a trusted brand that engages with customers in a natural way, thereby promoting customer behavior that impacts SEO (engagement, page view time, conversion rate, share). shares, number of pages/sessions, direct search, ...) to get higher rankings on search results.

3. What are the benefits of Branded SEO?

Branded SEO is a method of controlling and optimizing the entire website to help businesses take advantage of the brand power, the overall power to achieve SEO goals.

Branded SEO benefits: 4. How much exactly does an SEO project cost?

Every SEO project is a different problem. To get an accurate quote Viet SEO needs more specific information about the business, product, target customer.

After that, Viet SEO will conduct research, consult solutions suitable to the goal to give the most accurate quotation.

5. How is the process of quoting SEO services in Viet SEO?

In order to get an accurate quote and solve the problem businesses encounter, Viet SEO implements a 7-step process:
6. Does Viet SEO apply White, Gray or Black hat SEO?

Viet SEO applies Branded SEO techniques. This is a unique SEO technique of Viet SEO developed based on branding (12+ years of Viet SEO's strength) and white hat SEO techniques.

7. Branded SEO results fast?

Deploying Branded SEO after 3-6 months will start to have certain results. In addition, the time it takes to achieve results depends on how competitive the industry is.

8. Viet SEO is committed to SEO results?

Yes, Viet SEO commits to clear SEO results in the contract. Accompanied by a policy of refund and partial payment according to KPIs. You are completely assured of the quality of service.

9. When is Branded SEO needed?

As mentioned, Branded SEO is a sustainable website development method that brings long-term value to businesses.

You need Branded SEO when: 10. Are Branded SEO Results Sustainable?

Have. SEO solutions that Viet SEO always aim to serve customers and sustainable development goals. You have complete control over the quality.

However, SEO is like a race upstream, if you don't move forward, your competitors will overtake you.

Therefore, the sustainable effect is in the short term and only when you continue to maintain and grow compared to your competitors can you maintain the advantage.

11. Does SEO need to redesign the website?

Upon receipt of a project request, Viet SEO conducts a website assessment and makes specific proposals for the project.

12. Does Viet SEO accept standard SEO web design?

Yes, for the SEO project you need to design a new website, Viet SEO will send a quote with the best cost.

Website designed by Viet SEO from scratch helps you to reduce the hassle of technical improvements and the risks of unresponsive website.

13. Does Viet SEO receive long-term ranking maintenance?

Have. In addition to the free ranking warranty period as committed, Viet SEO will send a maintenance quote with the best cost.

The project is built and maintained for a long time by Viet SEO to help the website stabilize its rankings and continuously develop.

14. Does Viet SEO accept English SEO projects?

Have. For SEO projects for international markets, you can immediately contact Viet SEO via hotline 0917 212 969 for specific advice.

15. Does Viet SEO accept bilingual SEO projects?

Have. Bilingual SEO on a website is a common need of businesses providing multinational products and services. Please contact hotline 0917 212 969 for detailed advice.

16. Does Viet SEO receive SEO projects less than 3 months?

Are not. Viet SEO needs time to deploy and optimize the project to ensure good quality, sustainable ontop ability.

Viet SEO projects implemented need at least 6 months.

For projects that need to rank fast (e.g. real estate projects), you should use a paid advertising solution for business performance.

17. Does Viet SEO accept keyword SEO projects?

Have. Keyword SEO projects are usually because businesses have a need to grow a certain group of keywords.

TH1: The new website only wants to focus on a group of keywords
TH2: Old website wants to promote target keyword group

For each different case will have different requirements and different budgets. Please contact hotline 0917 212 969 for specific advice.

18. What is the standard SEO article in Vietnam?

To better understand the standard SEO article writing standards in Vietnam SEO, please read the guide to writing standard SEO articles. This is the process and criteria that the SEO / Content team of Viet SEO adheres to.

19. Viet SEO's SEO plan is feasible?

Viet SEO's SEO Planning method is always based on actual data and implementation experience.

You can read more to understand how Viet SEO plans SEO.

Basically, Viet SEO helps you perform detailed tasks in an SEO project, implementation methods, criteria, volumes ... are presented transparently to help you understand the entire SEO project.

20. How does UX impact SEO?

In essence, UX (user experience) reflects a user's interaction with a website (product, service, digital platform).

UX improvement is a method based on user insights and best practices to:
Those are the basic, core indicators that directly affect rankings.

21. SEO service in Hanoi is different from SEO in HCM?

The process of providing SEO services in Hanoi and HCM is no different.

However, the SEO strategy will be a bit different if this is the market you want to target.

In this case, the first difference is that Viet SEO will use personnel who understand the culture and behavior of each market to develop content for that market.

For example, HR in HCMC will develop content for customers in the South.

In contrast, employees in the North, who have lived and worked in the North for many years, will be responsible for developing content for the Northern market.

All aim to satisfy the highest search demand.

22. How is the content strategy of Viet SEO?

Based on the analysis of the target customers of each project, Viet SEO will develop content that serves users and targets business goals.

Viet SEO content develops based on the purchase journey, thereby strongly promoting interaction and sales behavior.
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