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 1. What is google adwords ad?
Google adwords advertising service that Google Inc. exploitation and development based on the search engine Google and its affiliate network of websites. Google adwords advertising service is highly profitable for companies such as Google and companies register google adwords advertising. 

Google adwords advertising service is a product developed by Google Inc. to assist businesses with the aim of promoting brands, products and services of the company with the google search engine as well as partners and customer oriented products to companies love to google adwords advertising.

Google adwords ads are charged based on each mouse click (CPC) means that their customers are interested in the product or services of the company, so the cost of money is fully retractable profitable. Also you can customize the scope of the customer on the size of the company to achieve effective advertising.
2. The difference between google adwords ads with other traditional advertising
With the continuous development of information technology, customer base via the internet access is growing rapidly. For those old advertising methods cost money is so great that customers demand for products or services of the company is not large. Google adwords advertising is a smart advertising services can help our customers choose the demand for products or services of the company. In addition, we can customize the advertising and ended his will at any time in accordance with the development needs of the company.
3. The steps required to register google adwords ad
Company (customer) needs google adwords ad will list the keywords and ad content related to those keywords (company we can suggest and help if customers request ).
Contact our company for advice and support to get the best keywords to help increase the number of customers and customer demand for products or services of the company.
After the most amount of keywords and ad content google adwords keywords will support the analysis and evaluation to offer the lowest price that customers pay for the keywords of the You need advertising company.
Company with customers (individuals) only for customers click on a keyword and visit the website of the respective companies with products or services you have subscribed example and advertising google adwords

4. Advantages Vietnam google adwords ads bring 
Advertise google adwords advertising system is smart, it helps identify the true customer demand for products or services of the company. Increase Visitors to the website quickly. The registration process is quick and the results are displayed quickly. Time display accurate and customized according to customer requirements Custom zoning display ad easy to achieve sales effectiveness. Change the bids according to stage of development to achieve the highest results ad
5. Costs 
You are active in paying for advertising google adwords its not anyone else. Cost is based on the amount and location and click Export weeks of advertising appearing.

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